War tax idea.

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  1. Think about it. War is not cheap. anytime we enter a war (ie Iraq) initiate a special war time tax to cover expenditures.

    The only people exempt from the taxes are those serving.

    The tax would work this way.

    Anyone earning 50K would pay a 3% extra tax for war costs.
    100K 5%

    200K and above, 10% war tax.

    And a special war tax on capital gains, as well. any capital gains over 30K pays a 10% war tax.

    If you are part of congress you pay an additional special war tax of 5% in addition to the standard war tax.

    I am not for taxes but we should not borrow money to wage wars. If Americans are gung ho for permawars etc.. then Americans need to pay the fair cost of this war and not pass it on to their children.

    When the war ends, the tax ends.
  2. bpcnabe


    The problem with this modern day Congress is that the tax NEVER ends.
  3. Maverick74


    I agree this is an awful idea. This would guarantee perpetual never ending war. It would do the opposite of what you want. Shit man we would invade Canada to get that war money. Not a good idea man.

    Much easier to strip the fed of their powers.
  4. How about everytime we have to go into a country and fix their problems, we tax THEIR people and raid their banks?