'War on terror' set to surpass costs of Second World War

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    The total cost to America of its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the related military operations in Pakistan, is set to exceed $4 trillion – more than three times the sum so far authorized by Congress in the decade since the 9/11 attacks.

    Unlike most of America's previous conflicts moreover, Iraq and Afghanistan have been financed almost entirely by borrowed money that sooner or later must be repaid.

    The human misery is commensurate in terms of people injured and maimed, or those who have died from malnutrition or lack of treatment. "When the fighting stops, the indirect dying continues," Neta Crawford, a co-director of the Brown study, said. Not least, the wars may have created some 7.8 million refugees, roughly equal to the population of Scotland and Wales.

  2. Who cares -- bond yields are still cheap. Until this changes we can spend all day long. With yields this low, we apparently aren't spending enough!!
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    You sound exactly like my brother during dot com bubble just before it burst. All upbeat and drunk on greed.

    too funny not to mention how morally degenerated you have to be to believe what you believe :(
  4. I want higher bond yields!! Return some risk premium to the market. I really just want to see shitty municipalities suffer with high debt service.

    Until this happens, Feds need to spend more.
  5. The vast majority of extraction of wealth from American people is not the government tax, it is the inflation induced by the FED and other banks, in the form of devaluating the Dollar and fractional lending. The cost of the wars, although huge, is much smaller than the cost to American people of devaluating the dollar over the years since the establishment of the FED. That is how they accumulated half of the world wealth over the years. The U.S. governments are much smaller players in American life than the banks.
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    Dude your posts are disturbing to me
    I am not going to put you on ignore because I do want to know what kind of evil lurks out there.
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    Read the post just above yours where bond_trad3r says he wants Fed to basically destroy what's left of US -- very disturbing

    The only people who seem to know what's good for US and willing to do it


    George Washington
    Benjamin Franklin
    Thomas Jefferson

    Andrew Jackson who killed the FED in his days, a true hero of mine

    he looks a little like Ron Paul


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    Inflation-adjusted cost of "war on terror" is still below the cost of WW2.

    However, we shouldn't forget that a large part of expenses during WW2 were loans given to European governments for purchase of American weapons. Naturally, loans got repaid and weapons industry made the US an industrial super-power.
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  10. Life expectancy nearly doubled since the FED was established.

    What good is more economic freedom when you die age 40? :p
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