War on terror may cost an ADDITIONAL $2.4 trillion

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  1. Could have gone to Mars for that amount.
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    Good thing Ron Paul is gaining momentum.
  3. electing a competent leader could be very cost effective. dr paul is a real conservative
  4. 2.4 trillion is easily created by mouse click
  5. how much would 2.4 trillion reduce the value of everyone's existing dollars?
  6. enough to make them trade it for euros
  7. welp take the current numbers and do the math

    left scale is in billions
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    and back + fix new orlean and CA,+ develop some alternative energy sources and sell them later just like f** cisco routers and rest of internet s**t
  9. Let's put Hillary in the White House. I'm sure her universal health plan will dwarf the cost of the war on terror, WWI, WWII, and WWIII with Iran combined.

    Here's what I think will happen. Hillary gets elected with an obscure running mate. Running mate dies when VP. Hillary appoints Bill as VP (heck she ruled the roost when he was in office). Bill has Hill terminated and becomes President again. As president he discovers he's serving a third term which is in violation of the 22nd Amendment and declares a constitutional crisis, enacting marshall law. He contracts with the Chinese army to enforce the marshall law (gotta take care of his friends). The Chinese Army disarms the US Armed Forces by order of the Commander in Chief (Billy). Hu Jintao declares the United States a Chinese Territory and appoints Bill Clinton as Governor, and Ted Kennedy booze Czar.

    Bill Clinton rolls joints using the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution, but never inhales. Can't trust 231 year old parchment; but if it was Jack Daniels, Ted Kennedy would be all over it.

    The American people are oppressed under the Clinton regime, the economy collapses and the United States becomes a third world country.

    Don't you just love a conspiracy?

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