"War on Drugs"

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  1. Thoughts?
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    Waste of money, one of the biggest drawdowns of the deficit.

    I assume you watched the Penn & Teller episode on it which was well done.

    One of the problems is that the War on Drugs employs way too many people. Also there is the pharmaceutical industry would get demolished by legalized marijuana while the cotton industry would get demolished by hemp, an absolutely superior material.

    But then there is the humongous possible tax revenue and much lower crime rate.

    The issues got so complicated that there are no more simple answers. It's sad though, such a huge waste of money.
  3. These douches in government take away a giant slice of our paychecks by force, and then use that money to take away our drugs by force.

    Why? Because we let them.

    Not just a mistake, it is THE BIGGEST mistake our government is currently making.

    We have not defeated the Soviets...we have become them.
  4. I love how America trys to beat every "problem" that arises into submission, such a ridiculous notion to think you could stifle mans natural desire to get himself "fucked up"...

    I have read/heard that over 700,000 arrests a year are for marijuana possession; that is by far the dumbest fucking stat I have ever heard...
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    Let me ask something to all the drug legalizers on here. I don't really have an opinion on this issue either way except how it affects my pocketbook.

    Would you be willing, if the government legalized drugs, to forego your rights to free emergency healthcare in this country? If you would, then go for it. Legalize them. However this would never pass mustard in this country. The tax revenue that the government would take in from taxing drugs would be far far outweighed by the healthcare expense in this country. definitely a losing proposition. So help me god if I'm going to have to pay 1000 bucks a month for a single healthy male to get basic coverage. No way bucko.

    As far these conspiracy theories as to why we keep drugs illegal, please. Do you have any idea how much money the big pharms stand to make with legalized drugs? Who would you rather buy your pot from? Jimmy, the guy next door or Merk? Pretty easy choice. Trust me they don't care. Oh and the cotton industry? Please, stop reading the Hemp Times, most of the large cotton farms would dominate the hemp crop if only because of economies of scale.

    But I am curious as to how many of you would forego emergency room healthcare and also if universal healthcare ever became a reality, how many of you would choose to go without that as well for the privilege of lighting up.
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    Yeah, we (the U.S.) lost.
  7. Mav,

    Perhaps I am missing something, but why is it that healthcare wold go through the roof if drugs were legalized?
  8. LOL, Merk is going to be growing/selling pot? Where the fuck did you manage to pull that one from? We are not talking pharmacueticals here bro, its a plant. If Merk were so interested in selling/growing a plant they would have gotten into the Tobacco Industry 100 years ago...
  9. Me too..... From what I understand, most of the illegal drugs, especially if they are clean, are not as dangerous to self and other as the currently legal drugs alcohol and tobacco.
  10. 1/2 a million people a year die as a direct result of tobacco consumption. Last time I checked there was not one death that could be proven to be a direct result of marijuana. Let me repeat that, there has never been one death that could be proven to be a direct result of marijuana consumption...
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