War on Business

Discussion in 'Politics' started by egildone, Sep 6, 2002.

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    What's your opinion on this article?


    Are these business executives being prosecuted for political reasons?

    My daughter worked for a small company that did not have a 401K and went bankrupt and didn't pay her her final paycheck. She went out and found another job. She really gets upset when they put the poor Enron employees on tv moaning about the hundreds of thousands they lost. She wants to know what about her. Why don't they go after her bosses?

    What's your opinion of the article?

  2. All Federal prosecutions are done for political reasons.

    The current situation is a bit extreme - the speaches/questions delivered at the Congressional hearings are almost comic, with each doing their best to be more critical and sanctimonious than the last. But don't worry, things will die down right after the elections, the public will be able to get back to more important things like 'American Idol' and 'survivor,' and corporations will be able to resume business as usual...
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    This should be comforting to those executives who plead guilty even though they are innocent because they can't afford to fight the feds...