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  1. How after the first soldier gets totally blown away, the second guy over by the artillery piece doesn't try to get under any cover.

    Instead, he simply pulls a sheet or piece of canvas out.


    How authentic is this???
  2. nonam


    Didnt look real to me.
  3. looks real to me. i've seen a few of these videos and they look exactly like that.
  4. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    That was cool. How did that not look real?
  5. driving while iraqi
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    seem to be totally oblivious to the danger.I am impressed by how steady that video is despite being taken in a moving aircraft.
  7. It's way too steady to be from a helicopter. Hell, I can't even HOLD a camera that steady. Also, unlike war movies and TV shows, not many things explode into flames when they are hit.
  8. anyone who thinks that is fake has a screw loose somewhere...
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