War is good for US economy

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  1. Please tell me your ideas about that...

    *I think that every US president has wanted a war since Roosevelt. There must be a beneficial reson behind of that.
    *Without war, I do not believe the US economy can survive.

    How does the war in Iraq affect the economy?
  2. Clinton wasn't a "war president" yet presided over a period of "unprecedented growth and prosperity" to paraphrase old Greenie.
  3. I think that is completely absurd to think that way. Anyone who would want to benefit off of other people losing there lives have no conscience.
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    welcome to planet earth.... since when does politics and conscience go together???
  5. What did you call Kosovo War in 1999? Yes; Veitnam war is not categorized as war in congress.
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    It is the military spending, not necessary a war to move money around (economic activities). It can be military hardware new purchases, replacement, research, services.... Supplies such as bullets, bombs, missiles need to be replenished and replaced.

    Some Military material have shelf life and must be replace even not in a war. Old bombs not used must be "decommissioned". What a WASTE! A cruise missile cost about a million dollar each, it need to be replaced every time we fire one. Helicopters crush, tanks and Humvees got blow up and wear out. We got orders to produce the replacement. We got to hire engineer, scientist, skilled machinists, technicians and other workers to make the military "things".

    Clinton did have a war in Kosovo. No UN resolution. It is a NATO action where no NATO member was attacked. We tried to stop the killing of Moslims!!! It is suppose to be short term too. We are still there.
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    Kosovo, Iraq, Haiti, Somalia........
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    Do those who allowing the lose of lives of others have a conscience? What stopped the world wars? It may take killing to stop killing! Who talked Hitler to surrender? Who will talk Osama into a peace treaty. We must use bombs and tanks. Should the defense and military industry become a NON-profit organization?

    The ultimate non-profit war machine are the suicide bombers. It benefit not one single person. OK, it benefit one person, the suicide bombers get the 72 virgins. But, what about the virgins?
  9. Didn't World War II bring the US out of the Great Depression....
    The Great Depression is typically defined as the period from 1929 to 1941, and America entered the war in 1941.
  10. They have historically led to inflation. Especially when the government finances it without rasing taxes.

    "War is inflationary. It is always wasteful no matter how just the cause. It is cost without income, destruction financed (more often than not) by credit creation. It is the essence of inflation."
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