War & Independent Reporting..not this time around?

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    According to Ms. Adie, who twelve years ago covered the last Gulf War, the Pentagon attitude is: "entirely hostile to the the free spread of information."

    "I am enormously pessimistic of the chance of decent on-the-spot reporting, as the war occurs," she told Irish national broadcaster, Tom McGurk on the RTE1 Radio "Sunday Show."

    Ms. Adie made the startling revelations during a discussion of media freedom issues in the likely upcoming war in Iraq. She also warned that the Pentagon is vetting journalists according to their stance on the war, and intends to take control of US journalists' satellite equipment --in order to control access to the airwaves.

    Another guest on the show, war author Phillip Knightley, reported that the Pentagon has also threatened they: "may find it necessary to bomb areas in which war correspondents are attempting to report from the Iraqi side."

    " Oh I will be. And what actually appalls me is the difference between twelve years ago and now. I've seen a complete erosion of any kind of acknowledgment that reporters should be able to report as they witness."

    " The Americans... and I've been talking to the Pentagon ...take the attitude which is entirely hostile to the free spread of information."

    "Even if they were journalists ..' Who cares! ' said.. [inaudible] .."

    Kate Adie: " The telephones and the television signals."
    Tom McGurk: " And they would be fired on? "
    Kate Adie: " Yes. They would be 'targeted down,' said the officer."
    Tom McGurk: " Extraordinary ! "

    what the firggin world we live in!!!:mad: :mad:

    but of course.. information control is paramount:D :D
  2. The White House is vowing a strong retaliatory response after the BBC
    aired live video of President Bush getting his hair coiffed in the Oval
    Office as he squirmed in his chair and practiced on the teleprompter
    minutes before Wednesday night's speech announcing the launch of military
    operations against Saddam Hussein.


    That'd explain it :eek:
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