War Inc.

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  1. "We can launch a matchstick from Milwaukee and land it up the ass of a termite in Tehran".

    That from Ben Kingsley playing a futuristic coporate type in War Inc.. If you rent films or however you get around to seeing them, this would be a good selection. Starring John Cusack, who always makes intelligent films, as a hit man for a future Coporate
    defense contractor. If you don't like your intelligence insulted by films by Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller and like your writing to have
    inspired thought behind it this should be a choice. Two running bits in the film are spontaneous contributions by Joan Cusack that are smart and delivered terrificaly and a screen monitor that
    has images that change from Reagan to John Wayne then Ollie North, Arnold etc. etc, but the clever thing about that is the sequencing choice from one icon to the next ...brilliant. Hey, you could do worse.