War in Mali now "Inevitable": The Independent

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    The tough talk from Western capitals has prompted militants in northern Mali to warn that they would "open the doors of hell" for French citizens in the event of any intervention. Six French nationals are being held hostage by AQIM, which has threatened to kill them if it is attacked.

    Meanwhile security sources in the Malian capital, Bamako, said that hundreds of fighters, mostly Sudanese and Sahrawis, have arrived in the last week as reinforcements to face any offensive by Malian forces and their allies.

  2. They're riding camels and are armed with bolt-action rifles....or just swords? :confused: :p
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    Hey, I know some folks that can drill a hole through your ears at 300 yards with a 30.06!
  5. Your homeland is under invasion?
  6. +1 - dead=dead, regardless of cause or source.
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    Tsing, you're too late to the chest drumming bit. Kabong beat both you and Lucrum to it, with a challenge that was not cowardly and vague, like Lucrum's "let's meet", and not merely a "me too", like yours the following day.
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    Mine wasn't a challenge or a threat, just a joke. Of course, you'd know this if you didn't have me on ignore and could read who I responded to instead of talking out your ass.

    I was responding to nazzdack who was poking fun at the rebels riding horses with bolt action rifles.
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    Former Canadian Ambassador to the UN and AQIM hostage discusses Mali and his captivity:

    One-hundred-and-thirty days he and colleague Louis Guay were held by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which was until recently an unremarkable splinter group loosely associated with Osama bin Laden's organization and specializing in kidnappings around West Africa.

    The al-Qaeda kidnapper nicknamed "Omar One" by his Canadian prisoners liked to rant to them that his goal in life was a glorious death, preferably by detonating a suicide vest inside the United Nations on a day it's discussing equality between the sexes.

  10. incase he still has you on ignore.
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