War economics: trading ideas

Discussion in 'Economics' started by americanhero, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. With Britain and Argentina about to go to war over the Falklands, I am excited about the potential profitable trading opportunities.

    Although Argentina will not be able to hit the UK mainland, the UK should be able to hit the Argentine mainland hard.

    Stocks with medical equipment and infrastructure exposure to Argentina and likely to do well, due to a potentially huge Argentinian casualty and death count and the major infrastructural damage inflicted by our British cousins.

    Also, if the UK wins the war, stocks with exposure to British-held oil reserves around the Falklands will do well. I have already built up a sizeable position in Rockhopper Exploration, which is going from strength to strength.

    When we finally get round to attacking Iran, there are bound to be even more profitable opportunities, especially if we end up privatizing Iranian oil after we have killed off the current leadership of Iran and replaced it with a regime which will be obedient to us and Israel.

    My only concern is that Obama will get in the way of these necessary wars and not allow them to happen. This is why we may have to wait a short while until we have a Republican President, which is the best thing for the USA.