War as distraction next

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Will a global level event now surface such as War?

  1. Yuppers ... War in the Middle East with Iran but turned on Israel

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  2. Yeah ... a Good Solid War and tragedy like a nuke to get things percolating

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  3. Both options above

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  4. No ... Most global events just happen as organic ebb and flow

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  5. Not a reality that I am from since I am Democrat and use my brain ... and you?

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  6. No Way ... the world will come together to solve crisis situations like BP Spill ... no time to figh

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  1. We have all seen scenarios before that did not mesh.

    I am not advocating silly conspiracies here ... just presenting a poll suggesting that a global distraction is likely and forthwith.

    The BP issue has underlying problems; the least of them is the truth about abiotic oil.
  2. What was it that some S American leader claims Bush told him - war is a good way to revive economic activity (or something to that effect)? Maybe if job numbers keep stagnating, war is the distraction we will see. But then, those in the know have been saying a war with Iran is imminent since early 2008/late 2007.
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  4. Peace is coming back to the world--- no money to do wars, and surviving economic problems is the new fight. In middle east, Israel's war posture and propaganda have already been defeated. They have been beaten by Iran and by themselves.

    I bet a deal with Iran will come soon--- a stop of iran 20% enrichment for a deal on exchange of uranium for their medical labs (probably profit-drooling France will insert itself).

    Turkey and Brazil are the rising stars because of the deal they proposed, and would likely hand to others the implementation.

    Obama should tell France to get its nose out, and get the Iran nuclear business for America. Americans would have earned it. They deserve the money.
  5. Attack on Iran confirmed via Bilderberg inside info.

    Notice the dates and timing.


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