War and expiration

Discussion in 'Options' started by just21, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. nitro


    yes, but the rumor usually has more than the news...

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  2. dis


    Just21, once the market discounts a quick and decisive military victory over Iraq, the risks are going to be mostly on the downside. For instance, the Iraqi army can put up stiff resistance in big cities and thus turn a blietzkrieg into a bloody mess of urban combat along the lines of Mogadishu and Jenin.
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  3. Dare we say the 'nam word?
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  4. qdz2


    Pin and glue. January is over.

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  5. Isn't Ramadan during the month of February? I don't think we will strike until after that is over. I'll look it up and edit this post.


    Edit: my bad... it's in October. Therefore, I 'm with metooxx. I know we will lose some soldiers and some innocent civilians will be killed also. Pray it ends quickly and decisively.
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  6. I have a feeling it will be in 2 to 3 weeks ...
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  7. white17


    My guess is late february. If I were running the show I would take the countryside which shouldn't be that difficult and cut all lines of supply to urban areas. I don't think Saddam will last too long if no one is eating after a few weeks. I know all the whining that will come from the UN about the "innocent" civilians suffering but better that than house to house combat in the city. Been there, done that.
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  8. Time will tell ...
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  9. qdz2


    do not expect situation of either hell or heaven. do not capitalize on dreaming or cursing.

    this is my prayer for today. good luck to me

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  10. nitro


    February is the dealine because of the heat. The soldiers have to wear those anti-biological suits and 120 heat would not work.

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