War and expiration

Discussion in 'Options' started by just21, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. just21


    What are traders, who usually keep options to expiration, doing as the possibility of war anda large price move exists before February options expiration? I have not been used all my margin this month and thinking of going away next month.
  2. Possibly praying to the option gods ...
  3. Ninja


    Praying for what - War or no War?
  4. Depends.
  5. white17


    ......I don't use 'em
  6. dis


    During the Persian Gulf war the market made a bottom when the U.S. began bombing Iraq. Naturally, this time around money will start pouring into stocks well in advance of the war (like now). I am waiting for the Dow to reach 9000, SP500 - 950, and VIX - 25 to start buying March puts.
  7. just21


    Dis, so you think the war will be longer than two days to a week and the market takes it negatively? There is a headline on drudgereport saying the build up will be complete by mid feb which is a week before expiry on the 21st feb. looking like feb expiration may be volatile.
  8. omcate


    Bush administration has been considering attacking Iraq for few months. The possibility of a war has been discounted by the market already.



  9. nitro


    Depends whether you are net long or net short.

  10. volatility ...
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