wanting to buy 2nd-hen computer, need help to know mileage

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NoMoreOptions, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. how do I check the actual mileage that the seller had drive on the parts like the hardcore processor and the disk driver?

    urgent help needed. have to make the deal before dawn. quick tips appreciated.

    no dealer please.
  2. atozcom


    Don't know about computer but a rooster can have a 2nd hen, 3rd hen, 4th hen.... just fine.

    Depending on if the computer was used on the free way or city, mileage may vary and is not indicative of future performance.

    Hardcore processor??? It is the same as the triple X processor?

    I would not buy the the part if the seller "had drive on the parts".

    "....make the deal before dawn", otherwise the deal will be off and become a pumpkin
  3. this funny dirty dealer maybe sounds funny but doesn't answer my problem.

    mesa need to know how exactly cooked the piece of iron has been?
  4. Off your meds again, I see.