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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by roncer, Sep 10, 2007.

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    This is a totally new area for me. I have been dicretionary a long time. However I just want to automate a simple buy at the close and cover (sell) on the open the next day. I want to do this on a stock. Is there a way that the IB TWS will do this automatically? I use Trade Station 8.1 also. All comments and feedback appreciated.
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    You can program that into TS8 and use tradebullet.com to send orders to IB TWS.

  3. rwk


    I don't think you can do that in TWS directly, but it would be a simple app to write for the API depending on your objective. Your buy/sell criteria sound simple, but building an app that can handle problems such as loss of power, loss of Internet connectivity, broker problems, exchange problems, etc., can be very difficult.

  4. Retief


    In the TWS, you can enter a MOC order to buy the stock that you want, and attach a GAT market sell order that is good after the close during regular trading hours. The result should be that the TWS will buy the stock that you want at the close, and sell it in the next trading session at the open.
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    Retief and all..........

    Very helpful information here folks. Thanks for comments.