Wanted: Wade Cook

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  1. Just the guy= not his crummy BS
  2. Is that "dead or alive"?
  3. don't they go hand in hand?

    Is it possible to have him and not the BS?
  4. Vaejin


    Too too many upsells in his materal tis true but I still have a soft spot. All the hoopla got me excited enough about the markets to stick with it and learn to trade. I feel pretty hopefull about my future knowing I control my income not some guy who wants to pay me the pitence he thinks I'm worth. That said, I did do fairly well with deep in the money covered calls when I working my butt off and did not have time to trade. Made enough to start trading seriously. :)
  5. I really like Wade Cook. I have him to thank for my fortune made on splitting stocks, selling covered calls and other totally awesome stock plays almost nobody knows about, so please don't tell anyone. He only charged me $5,000.00 for his seminar, and some people have the gall to taint his name with so called scandalous financial dealings. I just can't wait till the next seminar, my broker agrees with me.:D


    Wade Cook is the smartest guy I know!!!
  6. Its important not to be angry at those who have succeeded just because you can't make money in the markets. That anger will cripple you eventually, I suggest going to one of those seminars, its like a Wade Cook bootcamp, a special-ed of trading.

  7. From the SEC : Special Study:Report of Examinations of Day-trading Broker Dealers"

    ....The staff did not find a correlation between training and profitability or between prior experience and profitability....

    So, inmate451 , I think you overpaid.
  8. I do not believe you get inmate's humor...
  9. Hardrock375,

    Are you pounding rocks with inmate?

    I've been to every Hardrock in the Western hemisphere and I don't recall one with a number. Hmmmmmmmmm. I don't remember the one in Tijuana very well............
  10. Vaejin, buddy, do you realize why I think WC is so full of cr*p?

    Let's see:

    Equivalent strategies:

    1) Buy stock, sell call against it

    2) Sell naked put

    When you understand why and how these are equivalent strategies, you will understand why I and many other traders think WC is full of sh*t.

    Do you think it's appropriate to tell the investing public to sell naked puts?
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