Wanted: UPS 208V 3P 10kW

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  1. Anyone know where I can find a 208V 3-phase 10kW minimum UPS on the cheap? It only needs about 3 minutes run time.

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  3. 10KW? That's a lot, even for 3 minutes. Most of the big computer UPSs are 1 or 1.5 KW.
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    that's big-boy territory. what the heck are you trying to power?

    fwiw, I don't know of ANY decent 10kw UPS units that run 208V, most are 400V.

    Also, you'd probably be better off looking at a stand-alone 15kw UPS ...

    Or go to the junkyard and pull an old VW diesel motor :p

    Seriously, what are you trying to power?

    For example:


    ^^^^^^^ that thing is awesome...


    ^^^ I've bought from that seller before if it makes any difference - really decent guy.

    You do understand you are buying a refrigerator-sized battery right? Shipping will cost you$600-$1,200 no matter where it's coming from. Shoot me a PM if you are serious and in the NYC area. I have a few connections with building operations guys who "charge" to remove this stuff then sell on the side.
  5. I want an update on this?

    Does OP have a grow room or own large amounts of office space?

    I'm really curious... I own a couple 120v and 208v smart UPS 3000's and they are more than enough for a 25U or not-full 48U rack but you are talking about powering times square for 3 minutes (I assume till you get the CAT's running?
  6. This is the same ;) No joke.

    210-230 volt 1 phase = 280-400 volt "3 phase". The poster said 208v 3 phae.

    Has something to do with the 3 phases being degree separated wso the equivalent average power is higher than on one phase.

    VCauses a lot of confusion with the uneducatd (including housing agents when you look for space like that). I get a ton of "no, there is no 3 phase power but 380 volt in the basement" crap because the guy did not know that they are identical.
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    Hijacking the thread here but what kind of spec do I need to run a 30" LCD for 30 minutes min?
  8. http://www.apc.com/tools/ups_selector/index.cfm

    I went to the right and selected Desktops. The three below came in for use with a 30-36" moniotr + a quad-core tower.

    APC Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD 120V ($939) ~50min run time

    APC Smart-UPS 3000VA LCD 120V ($1,250) ~55min run time

    APC Smart-UPS XL 3000VA 120V Tower/Rack Convertible + (1)SUA48XLBP Battery Unit ($2,100) ~226min run time
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    Thanks winstontj.

    BTW, I think the OP needs a fridge sized UPS is because he is running Firefox on his rig, hence the huge power draw from CPU/RAM
  10. Not powering computers - industrial machinery. Found a steal on a 40kw. Just thought you good people would know source for mega duty ups. Thanks.
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