Wanted: Turtle Trader.com system

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gotta_trade, Jan 30, 2003.

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  1. Would anyone like to sell the TurtleTrader.com system.

    This system has peaked my curiosity. I would like to purchase it for a low price.

    If anyone is interested, send me a pm.

  2. Babak


    anyone who buys it has to sign off that they won't share it or resell it. I don't know if they will prosecute or whether it is that serious...but something you should know (in case you didn't already).
  3. Perhaps someone is able to post a list of selections over a 12 year period or so.

    I doubt that too many people could handle the large sequences of losing traders irrespective of any eventual positive outcome..

  4. Sorry, I meant a 12 month period of course.

  5. see my ad.

    P.S. Having a non-disclosure as such and not be able to sell a course I bought and paid $999 is total Bullshit.
    Just for your information a contract like that is one sided and
    since it offers no consideration for exchange it is baseless.
    Further, the turtle trader is not the owner of 'the system' as such
    and he only owns the material he written.
    If they ever inclined to take it to court they are free to do so. At any rate they will not see a dime from me.
  6. andrasnm's E-book has Trojan Virus... read it back...

    Also, he's claims are all fake... he never knew Russell Sands or any of the turtles...
  7. and also so smart. Just for your information I have met Dennis
    at the CBOT's bar after he lost hundreds of millions for his clients. He is a big whale of a guy. I also talked with Sands on a phone (he claims he owns the wording "turtle trading")
    Hasn't he call you too, wiseguy?
  8. Also, you comment on the Turtle code right before I placed the EasyLanguage Code:


    You've obviously learned about Turtletrading in ET...

    Why would you even consider pyramiding to be the important part of the trading method??????

    I can go through other posts that proves that you only bought the www.turtletrader.com material and didn't know much about the other important stuff at first...

    Well, good luck selling...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.