wanted: TradingZoo course

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  1. Please send PM. Include asking price and any materials provided. All contact held in strictest confidence.
  2. I thought it was a chatroom? :confused: :confused:

    I bet fluttrader probably has some input on the subject, whaddya bet?
  3. Just wanting to get a refresher?

    You already seem to have experience with them.


    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. It is a chatroom but also a course that teaches the methods for the called trades. I trialed the room awhile ago and came away more positive then negative which, for a died in the wool skeptic like me, that's saying alot.

    Nonetheless, I didn't see enough value from just a week trial to drop $6000, and I wasn't going to conduct more diligence to satisfy myself it would be worth it. I'm a bottom feeder by nature and if I can get this for a bargain price, I'm interested.

  5. TZ is just another snake oiler like Franz & co
  6. Checked eBay and no one is offering it. The training is done via pre-recorded webinars (no materials), so I could be spinning my wheels here. :(
  7. Yeah I seriously doubt I'd be looking to pay $5000 for a few pre-recorded webinars!

    I left a review of Mirus to warn others of your experience! Thanks again for the info!
  8. I never said they didn't have consent (I have no idea if they did or did not), so your post is inaccurate and I recommend you delete it. Please don't put words in my mouth so satisfy your personal agenda.
  9. Just trying to be on the safe side. It stands to reason that Eliot would have been more forthcoming if he had the letter to begin with. It's at least worth noting that the event in question transpired so as to assist those conducting their due diligence. Hopefully a rep from Mirus will come clear this up.

    Maybe Sam noted in his authorization letter to make sure and be as difficult as possible when divulging his information to 3rd parties on the phone. I am not ruling that out (Kinda helps with the whole mystique thing, you know?).

    I am merely passing on the information you mentioned on the thread, which is worth letting other interested parties in on.

    Anyways, thanks for helping us out.

    I sincerely hope a rep from Mirus will come clear the air on this one. I have been researching them lately as I am interested in the ZenFire/NT combo. This is bad news! These are trying times indeed!
  10. Nah, you have an agenda and are peeved that they shut you down. You're trying to create trouble for them and misrepresenting the facts and twisting what I said. The fact is it's up to Sam to complain if there's any complaining to do. You just want to smear Mirus. And anyone reading this will clearly realize that.

    Carry on and have fun.
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