Wanted: TradingMind Software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by blackbeard, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'd like a copy of the TradingMind Software. It's the one that Jake Bernstein helped create. If someone has one to get rid of etc, please PM me with what you'd like for it.

  2. Just bumping up this thread. Please PM me if you have a copy of this software. Thanks...
  3. I posted twice to no avail. I was hoping 3 times the charm...So I'll try one last time. Thanks
  4. Tomato


    Blackbeard -

    Did you ever get a copy of this software?? Did you find it useful or helpful?

    I was looking at it too, but since the price is a bit steap ($60 or so even on ebay) I wanted to get some feedback before I made a purchase.
  5. $60 is a lot of money to you?
  6. Tomato


    For useful trading software or audio materials it may be a great deal...for a coaster, it is extremely over-priced. I've read mixed reviews on this site...just looking for a little more feedback from someone who has actually used the product.

    Thanks anyhow...Have a great week!
  7. Allen3


    :p Ha. Hope you get your software. Everybodies a critic on here eh! Never hurts to be wise with your money even if your pulling down a million like everybody on ET.