Wanted: TradingMarkets R3/R4

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saganna, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. saganna


    Is anyone looking to swap for the trading markets R3/R4 method. Send PM if interested.

  2. saganna, I sent you a PM.

    I have the R3-R4 method. Typical tradingmarket course. PM me what courses/systems you have in return for trade.
  3. erc90


    yes, i would like to trade/buy the r3/r4 method.
  4. I also bought the R3/R4. What do you guys think of it?
  5. You paid $10k for the system from tradingmarkets? I guess P. T. Barnum was right!

    I have all the Tradingmarkets courses and they are all junk. And no I wasn't stupid enough to pay for them. LOL

    The R3/R4 trading system is just a rehash of the TM Swing College system. See: http://www.tradingmarkets.com/tmu/store.site/swingtrading/mentoring/6272/

    PM me if you would like to swap systems.
  6. I have the tradingmarkets systems raptor, raptorII and alvarez factor.
    Anybody likes to swap for R3R4 system or capital appreciation program?
  7. If you already have a bunch of TM systems, then you should know many of the rules overlap. R3/R4 and Cap Appreciation are no exception.

    TM sells the same course/rules over and over again just with a new name.
  8. Roseydave


    I was almost "hooked" (convinced) into buying the R3/R4 method from Trading Markets... if you own and use the program..may I ask your unbiased opinion?

    Thanks much..
  9. Gueco


    I also want to swap systems, please pm me
  10. Moreagr


    who the hell would pay 10k for a system?

    these prices are ridiculous!
    #10     Sep 19, 2007