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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ianp, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. ianp


    I am looking to buy a copy of Tradestation
    good price paid..

  2. 200$ for Tradestation 2000i and metastock pro.8
    plus many their trading systems, add-on and plug
    ins from 3rd party.
    In 3CDs total around 1GB.
  3. Bob111


    agh....you can find it for free on web..just do your homework))))
    not worth a penny today..
    buy on ebay for 10-15 bucks if you lazy enough for browsing web
  4. A question for you? Did you buy your copy this cheap
    first time?
    Why you are making trading world more difficult for
  5. maxpi


    With the books and tapes the prices are not bargain basement.
  6. Bob111


    you funny..did not see any difficulties so far)))))))
    you have to choose (like everywhere else)-if you dont want wait and save-buy it. just like cars. or spend some your time and find what you need at much lower price))) it is trade-money or time. all the time. right?
    i know few programing languages and to be honest-never really use ts.
    WL rocks!
  7. Bob111



    Why you are making trading world more difficult for
    yourself? ----------

    take it easy Nana..
  8. MartinS


    Try DC++ and download TS for free

  9. As i am using TS2000i, i would be more happy if more
    traders support TS in future and kill WL ,as the programm
    -ing Langguge is too hard to uderstand, and company is
    too samll to count on in the future.
    If you are a computer nerd then you will be using WL.
  10. Why it is not installing and says:

    "Installtion Abborted. You have to install from CD omega research". I have the CD, but just wanted to try if it's working
    #10     Nov 19, 2003