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  1. Foz


    Does the WLD license allow it to be resold? If so, does anyone want to sell theirs? Maybe you aren't using it and would rather have some cash instead.

    Please PM me.
  2. The License is computer specific. You'd probably have to talk with the developer to find out if he is willing to allow a secondary market to develop first.

    Try the discussion board at www.wealth-lab.com with your question or email them at support@wealth-lab.com
  3. I might jump in here to answer the question. The license is per user and can not be transfered. This makes perfect sense, since each new user needs support especially at the beginning. The software is also very reasonable priced and offers features that you pay thousands for when looking at competitors. I hope you understand and I hope to see you as part of the WL community soon. :)
  4. I had a licence - the 1st version - I don't remember that it was explicitely mentioned. BTW I don't care I don't use it any more, I don't even remember where I put it so I can't sell it :D. I just remember it was really a hassle when you want to transfer to another machine: in fact I remember we didn't even get an answer for that. Maybe I have put then in the trash after that :).

  5. Now I have nothing agianst the product - it's just not suitable for me as I don't use indicators - and even if the protection was a hassle I understand that a small firm is not like a big one and has to protect his licence policy with drastic manner. Bill Gates even when very young has been a strong chaser against piracy of his Microsoft Basic langage :D.

  6. Turok


    >The License is computer specific.

    While perhaps you are technically correct (I don't even attempt to interpret the legaleeze on those licenses) I don't think that is a good way to describe it.

    I have purchased one copy of WL and was allowed to install it on my desktop AND my laptop. The app takes an inventory of your computer hardware and spits out a number which you email to WL and they return a key that unlocks the app for that machine.

    >I just remember it was really a hassle when
    >you want to transfer to another machine:

    I installed WL on my two machines at differing times and neither time did I have to wait more than a business hour or so for someone to send me my key.

    I will be upgrading my computer soon and transferring one of my copies to a new machine and I expect nothing different for this process. We'll see.

    Overall a very happy WL user.

  7. samaras


    I own WL since a month or so and I am very happy with it and the support. I got to unlog codes already, no problems.
  8. ig0r


    Ya, I had no problems getting 4 keys for 4 different computers of mine.
  9. agrau


    You are making some heavy assumptions here:
    - makes perfect sense (to whom ?)
    - each new user (really "each" ?)
    - is reasonably priced (according to whom ?)
    - offers features ... (so what ?)

    Regarding the licensing, I might add my view: The view that a licence it neither re-sellable, nor transferable, is what software developers, vendors and resellers, obviously *wish* to enforce in order
    to push sales. And most users humbly comply to whatever restriction are put on them. However, many national laws see this point differently. While you, quite naturally, can not claim ownership on the software, you do have an ownership on the right to use the software (aka license). If this ownership (the license) is not transferable (which is as such already a questionable business attitude), the licensor must take the license back and refund you appropiately. This is what happened with Microsoft, who heaviliy bundle operating systems and application software with hardware, and quite a significant number of GNU/Linux junkies said: We don't need this, we don't want this: take it back and refund the extra money we have paid.

    So I'd suggest not to trust Volker's comment unquestioned, as he is not independant in his views, and is merely stating the official companpy's wish as reflected by the license agreement WL tries to impose on you. Better check with a lawyer or a local comsumer protection agency.
  10. Turok


    >You are making some heavy assumptions here.


    >So I'd suggest not to trust Volker's comment
    >unquestioned, as he is not independent in his
    >views, and is merely stating the official company's
    >wish as reflected by the license agreement WL tries
    >to impose on you. Better check with a lawyer or a
    >local consumer protection agency.

    Does the WL license agreement actually attempt to impose anything of the sort or is that just your assumption? (not a loaded question...really just want to know)

    I click on those stupid license agreement and don't even look at them. Probably should, but have always had better things to do with my time.

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