Wanted to be the First to point our Google's Annual April Fools Joke

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by robertstone, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. It's FREE wireless. I wonder how many people are going to send away for it. Google is DUMB for posting that.

    The toilet wireless joke is tasteless and stupid and makes google management look immature for posting that on April fools. I don't know why Google thinks that telling people to stick their hands in toilet bowls are funny. I wonder if the world is going to think it was funny come Monday when the stock market opens. Maybe people will sell off Google because of their stupid April Fools toilet bowls jokes. I wonder if the owners of Google approved that DUMB joke.
  2. let's play a game - spot the poster with no sense of humor!
  3. Trustme


    tough call
    Can we get a hint please? :D
  4. I don't think nothing is funny about Google telling people to stick their hands in toilet bowls. But if you think it is funny, then you are a mentally sick weirdo. Have a nice life weirdo.
  5. Is it your mom?
  6. i guess i'm a mentally sick weirdo.
  7. GOOG in the toilet tomorrow! A.M. or P.M?
  8. blast19


    I didn't find the joke funny at all. I have a great sense of humor. It was a really lame one. I don't find it disgusting or vile, crude humor is some of the best, but Google did it in a way that wasn't at all humorous really.

    Did you really find it funny? I thought it was fairly lackluster.
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