Wanted: Suri Duddella's book

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by rolextrader, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Looking for a clean unmarked copy of Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros. PM only please.
  2. Have you considered letting your credit card do the work for you and just purchase it from him directly? He obviously put a lot of effort into his book, why try to save a few dollars on an after-market copy and deny him the funds that could lead to him writing another book? :confused:
  3. If this effort fails, I will buy a new copy. I'm not out to screw the author. Books are commodities and I always try to buy them at the best price.
  4. Your a joke cant afford to pay to author 70 bucks can you troll? Really sums you up a cheapskate on top of being an annoying troll, get back under your bridge.
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    Better yet, see if they have it at the library. I realize that the library is a socialist organization designed to rob creative people of their just due by allowing people to read books for free, but hey I got other things to spend moeny on. Or see if it's at half price books, oh wait that's another socialist program designed to steal from the author and route the money to the dictator head of the corporation.
    Sorry, but I didn't see that the guy asked for a stolen copy, or that he wasn't willing to pay someone for their copy if they don't want it. Cripes he just wants to save a few dollars if possible!
    I forget that everyone on ET is making $1000's a day and can afford to buy at full price when something can be had at a better price
  6. Yep but the OP a well known troll formerly known as Allen Hobbs calls himself Rolex trader yet is trying to scrape a few bucks on a book which i think is funny
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    Do you buy all your cars brand new? If not, you've done the exact same thing. Nothing wrong with trying to save a buck.

    Maybe all used book stores should be banned!
  8. This site is so fucked up people get killed for wanting to buy used books.
  9. No not at all this bloke stated he was happy i had terminal cancer and that i deserved it. Naturally that upset me so after that when I see one of his posts I often comment.