Wanted: Solana Beach, CA: Office Space

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by E23, May 5, 2007.

  1. E23



    125-300 NUSF

    private room w/ large window

    6 month sublet preferable

    primary use: trading & reading

    please PM
  2. E23


    Looks as though I'll be stuck accepting a 12 month lease for ~$1600/mo
  3. they have small office suites in the bldg just above via de la valle & jimmy durante (near racetrack). its a big grey bldg overlooking the intersection & AMPM in the northeast quadrant of the intersection. im not sure about the windows. the street name is highland or high view or sumtin?

    also at 15th and camino del mar in del mar - the tudor bldg on the corner - they have small suites in there. carlos & annies used to occupy a portion of the ground floor. its cater-corner from del mar plaza.

    the broker that will know stuff real well in solana beach is turnbull company - he's a good guy.

    i bet you can find cheap space along cedros or perhaps near moonlight beach.:eek:
  4. E23


    Just up there today

    "big grey bldg overlooking the intersection & AMPM"

    That's where I found the $1625-1800/mo for 650 SF or 350 NUSF for a one year sublet class B building

    QQQBALL, thank you for the reference
    I'll have to give Carl Turnbull a call

  5. QQQBALL and E23,

    Would that building....office space or the place in Del Mar....be good for a Training_Trading Room? Would it have high speed internet access....some kind of view....etc? Not interested in a strip mall setting.

    I am doing a Seminar in Solana Beach in June. One of my partners is in that general area....and we may be setting up a room there.

    I always stay at the Marriott Courtyard in Solana Beach....on 101....easy access....any direction. Actually....very close to the racetrack. By the way....when I am in Solana Beach....I always go to the Starbucks to trade....west side of the Interstate....near where you turn into the racetrack.

    I just realized....we always go to the Del Mar Plaza....so....it's near there....right? I would really like a location like that.

    PM me if you want....would appreciate your help.

  6. E23


    VSTscalper, this is a wanted ad

    I myself am looking a place as are you
  7. E23,

    I may end up moving down there....in Seattle now....but really like the area from Lajolla to Carlsbad.

    Are you opening a trading room?

  8. E23


    No, I'm looking for a quite room away from my house.

    If there are other traders in the next room all the better.