Wanted: Series 3 exam prep

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  1. Anyone selling their STC series 3 exam material?
  2. Go to Kaplan.com and order Series 3 exam prep under financial series exams.

    They were $250 when I ordered it, come with a videodical library class lecture and worked great for the exam.
  3. STCUSA.com sells the self study for $175. Trust me, you dont need the video lecture. The CD roms that come with the self study are more than enough to get you to pass as long as you can do all the CDs with a 90% or better passing grade before you take the exam.

    I did the series 7 with STCusa. I read the manual once or twice and then just did exams for 2 hours every day for I think 2 months. I believe i had around 100 hours of study. I still only got 78% on the test. They say the series 3 is easier and you only need 35 hours of study to pass though.

    If you are just trying to save money by buying somebodys used STC study materials, I wouldnt recommend doing that. STC updates their material every year because the questions on the test change year after year and it takes STC a year to update their material. So if you took the test in 2012, you are using study material printed in 2011 and if you buy someones used material, it might be a year old which means you are getting info from 2010.

    So I bought the most recent STC for the series 7, but when I took the test, there were some questions on the test that were word for word on the practice tests, but there were some that I had never heard anything close to on the practice tests. If I had used an older STC guide in an attempt to save $40 or $50 I might have regretted it if I missed the test by 1 question because I didnt know that particular material. The exam fee costs $115 for the series 3 and you dont want to have to pay that twice because you got cheap on the study materials, right? :)

    Just my opinion. Good luck with the test.
  4. i have the book + CD $60 plus shipping and its yours. no messy notes/highlights in the material either

    pm me
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    I am want to get into this industry (will look and post in proper forum) as a career and looking into buying the study material for the Series 3...

    My question is what is the set material commonly used (or provided by firms) to study from?

    Dearborn Passtrak
    Securities Training Corporation
    The Institute for Financial Markets

    I also came across a few websites that provide the material but I will want to stay away. any and all suggestions will be much appreciated.

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    Attention shoppers! Freebie! I have a series 3 prep lying on my desk, first come first serve if you are willing to pick it up in NYC. I am not going to arse myself taking it to the post office, sorry.
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    If anyone has one that they are through with then I'd like to buy it from you, as well.
  8. is your free book still available? I'm looking for some kind of study guide and i'm pursuing this on my own so the cheaper the better