Wanted: Series 3 Book Exam Set Kaplan Dearborn

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by RAF618, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. RAF618


    Hi there, I am looking to buy the Kaplan Dearborn Series 3 kit from someone out there. This will include the book, CD, and the practice finals.

    I can also trade you a brand new series 24 Kaplan (latest edition) set for it as well.

    Email or PM me if you have this set. Looking for the recent set only; Jan 2006 or August 2005.

    Looking to save some bucks as I get into this business and I can resell it again on here when I am done to help out another person.

    Happy Holidays folks!
  2. I am new to finance. Iv been seeing references to different series qualifications all throughout this board. Would anyone mind letting me know what series 3, series 7 etc are? Why do people bother getting them? Id imagine being a day trader qualifications mean nothing.
  3. might spend less time trying to save a few bucks, and just buy the books directly from the vendor or through one of the major online retailers like B&N, Amazon or similar