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  1. I am an active trader and have been in the business for the past 4 years and am looking for a low rate/ % payout. currently do 2-3 mm per month but was as high at 10-14mm

    looking for 0002-15%, - 0005-95%

    have propreport records to prove profitability

    please post a list of who can offer. I am non US citizen and I am interested in cultivating other traders to work under a virtual desk
  2. pls let me know if u find one
  3. sorry, looking for 0002-15% of profit. , 0005 - 10% of profits
  4. 7out


    I will join this train.

    I would love to find those rates and percentage split. (I know where non Americans - Canadians, at least) can get rates of .0002 a side put nothing near 85% take.

    However, this has me thinking and I'm scared to do an analysis of how much more on average I can afford to pay if the percentages were higher (ie., pay more fees per trade and keep a higher percentage of profits).

    Another note would be if higher fees would discourage me from getting out of trades quickly when I feel something isn't going right.
  5. Try contacting WTS.
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    Try Cutler Group, LP. PM me if you are interested.
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    So the above poster is looking for 20 cent/1000 to keep 85% of the profit and 50 cent/1000 to keep 90% of profit?He's crazy theres no one one going to touch that unless your profit is 100k a month min because I know theres few if any prop houses paying 20 cent a thousand unless they're self clearing.
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    Isn't Cutler an options market maker?
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    Cutler is an equity option market maker and equity/equity option prop trading firm. We do accept professional market makers and prop traders who wish to trade under a prop broker dealer and who meet our minimum capital requirements and risk rules. We are expanding and looking to recruit more partner traders.
  10. my WTS firm offers 0.0002/share but of course with a PL split.
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