Wanted: Programmer for black box system

Discussion in 'Trading' started by luxor, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. luxor


    Looking to build a black box system interfacing with real-time quote provider and integrated with service bureau through published API. Preferably C++ or JAVA. Please IM me if interested.
  2. I'm a black programmer looking for an integrated box.:D
  3. ROFL!
  4. Yeah... IM to where...

    I'll do the programming if it's open on ET...

    Write the concept on ET on the open and I'll post the source code... then others can help you integrate it on the open...

    Maybe a good idea...
  5. no, a horrible idea- why would anyone develop a system and then post the source code in a public forum?? how long do you think it would work?? quit looking for the easy way out. LMFAO !!!
  6. LOL... that's my point... ROFL!!!
  7. rather than posting it to ET, you should just PM the code to WDGann and myself- we will be happy to help you :D
  8. luxor


    Thank you all for your interest and messages. I'm still sorting through all the possible programmers and preparing the spec. I hope to have everything finalized this coming week. I didn't realize there were so many talented folks out there.

  9. If you're serious, PM me, and I'll give you the number of our "black box" guy (who is doing well). He signed up several people at the Pro Trading Tour to do the "hard part" of the programming.

    Let me know...

  10. Is Bright using "Black Box" logic in pairs?
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