Wanted --New Grads: Trade with my capital

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  1. I will sponsor one or two traders and train them.

    If interested, you must have a degree, and be very intelligent.
    A lifelong interest in the markets is preferable.

    Your only risk is the money spent moving to Vegas and the time wasted if you do not succeed.

    That's it.

    PM your resume to me.
    I prefer recent grads who, like gold, are infinitely malleable.
    Don't expect to make money right away, and don't expect a high degree of leverage.

    Expect to spend 8 hours per day on research outside market hours.
    I have several projects I'm working on and don't wish to do the legwork myself.
    You will be treated as an equal, not a peon.
    Accounting and legal backgrounds are preferred.If reading 10-k's is impossible for you, please don't send your resume.
    If you are wondering about a salary, this opportunity isn't for you.
    This is an opportunity for a new trader to learn from someone who has been profitable 57 of the last 60 months and be in an environment where, to paraphrase Vince Lombardi, "Money isn't everything, it's the only thing." All my partners earned over $200k last year and the previous year.
    Don't expect to make money for at least 6 months to 1 year.
    A confidentiality/noncompetition agreement will be required.

    You will pay for and take all required securities exams. 7,63,55.
  2. Monsoon


    "Don't expect to make money for at least 6 months to 1 year."

    well i dont have a dear ol daddy to bank roll me living in vegas for a year with no income.. so I'm out
  3. >>"Your only risk is ....."<< ...equates to you are a PEON

    >>"if you do not succeed..."<< ..equates to you really are a PEON

    >>"I prefer recent grads..infinitely malleable.."<< equates to please be a PEON

    >>"I...don't wish to do the legwork myself.."<< a PEON will do it

    >>"If you are wondering about a salary, this opportunity isn't for you."<< READ "Only Peons need apply"

    >>"Don't expect to make money for at least 6 months to 1 year."<< Why? Well, because your're my Peon and Peons don't make money!

    >>"A confidentiality/noncompetition agreement will be required."<< Why this? Oh, well I can't have you competing with other PEONS now can I?

    Oh, and this ones the best!

    >>You will be treated as an equal, not a peon.<< hummm, I don't know about this.. sounds like I might be a P... LOL!

    What a joke of a post!

    Shouldn't this be in Chit Chat though?


  4. 8 hours a day outside of market hours? 15+ hours a day for no salary, little leverage (they have to supply their own capital?), and grunt work. but the upside is, you won't make any money, for at least a year and maybe longer? oh, they may, or may not be able to watch you trade. people learn by doing, not watching

    don't get me wrong, as i for one would like to know how you, and any other successful trader trades, but good lord. who would want this 'job' (and i use that term loosely, because it appears there is no opportunity to make any money). if you meant differently, you should probably explain. when you're trying to get somebody to do something, you should explain how the job would benefit them, not how their grunt work would benefit you (no leg work for you).
  5. sad to see that no matter what the decade or millenium there will always be vultures out there dangling carrots with absolutely nothing to be gained from going after it.
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    No salary and no reasonable chance of having a profitable first year? How do you expect a recent grad to survive much less party hardy in sin city?
  7. I think the term for this job posting is... UNPAID INTERN
  8. Uh, maybe I missed an English class somewhere but isn't the definition of peon one who does the shitwork that thou doesn't want to do?
  9. You mean NOPaid Intern :D


    "Course it lacks a certain charm, no?

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