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  1. I've had an idea for a while to start a trading blog/site. The site will be focused on analysis both qualitative and quantitative, as well as op-ed.

    I'm looking for a few moderators to donate their time/sweat equity in return for a piece of whatever the site turns into. I'm looking for two types of people: people with a strong tech background(php, mysql, etc.) to help with the site development, features, etc. even though we'll be using commercial software to start and people that are active in various aspect of the financial community - to help with the content and moderation. The mods should be semi-pro traders, analysts or quants.

    Please shoot me a PM with your email if you're interested.

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  2. My goal with this project it to provide essentially a douche-free zone for market analysis and activity. Agendas will not be tolerated.

    The mods will be people that have a passion for market analysis, can admit their mistakes, and enjoy open discussion about the dynamics of all markets and aspects.(derivatives, equities, foreign, domestic, monetary policy, etc.)

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  3. oraclewizard77

    oraclewizard77 Moderator

    I have worked with Oracle SQL ie my name oraclewizard as an ORACLE DBA.

    I have also designed web sites and have developed a trading system with many current paid members.

    I would be interested in participating, but please note that I currently have time constraints as I manage a business right now, and could only work during night until or if I sell the business.

    I would also need to know that you are serious, for example that you are putting your own money into developing the site, including paying for advertising. Otherwise I am not interested. Also, I would want a legal contract that I could have my lawyer review which spells out what % of equity I would get for my time and efforts.
  4. I too own a business.(Web Hosting/managed Services) so I feel your time issues. The goal is to take this project seriously, but not so much so that it becomes a chore.

    Please PM me your email.
  5. and do you plan to grow this business through advertising, or do you plan to steal free advertising and poach EliteTrader people?
  6. Amenhotop


    Sounds like a wonderful idea as a hobby but not a moneymaking business. Also, there are other low traffic sites out there doing the same thing.

    ET is the 800 pound gorilla in this category and everything esle is inconsequential.

    Good luck.
  7. i post links to trading articles and get threatened with banishment--yet threads solicting moderators for competing sites such as this one stay up. WTF??

  8. Competition my man, competition.

    You, conceivably are a threat (for lots of different reasons), whereas the OP (as of the moment) is not.

    Verrrry simple ... don't tell me you aren't used to dealing with the haters. :D :cool:

  9. thanks for the insight.

    haters are one thing, however, when someone with moderator power flags my links to ARTICLES, however, lets 100's of other links to educational sites slide, i can't help but wonder why....

  10. Good point.

    Also it's not like you haven't added a few bucks to ET's bottom line over the years. How many views of your journal?
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