Wanted: Low Cost EasyLanguage Programmer

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by BrownianMotion, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. I'd love to be able to afford $65/hour. That's just not the case right now.

    Hopefully there's an offshore EasyLanguage coder, or someone that just likes doing it, that can help for $20/hour.

    Regarding getting what you pay for, my experience with programmers is that it is more important to find someone passionate about what they do then to find someone with the highest hourly rate.

    I've dealt with plenty of $100/hour guys that take their sweet-ass time. I'd rather use a cost-effective expert coder in India/Russia/China/Etc. that's working his butt off to put food on the table.

    The only issues in this case is availability and confidentiality (of which there are solutions).
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  2. Baron

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  3. Thanks Baron. However it says on their wbsite that they are $50 per hour.

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  4. But they are specialists, and will probably do in an hour what 20$/h programmer will do in 3 hours, so do your math
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  5. Thanks. I'm sure they're oustanding but my math is this: I need someone good for $20/hr.
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  6. You might be lucky, but I doubt it. You should be equally interested in what you are getting for your hour. If you really can't afford it, you are better off doing it yourself rather than getting junk.

    Remember also you may need support later. Nobody is going to be running a sustainable consultancy at $20 an hour. You may not even be able to find them at some later date for support.

    When I was contracting in London I was getting 60 pounds an hour - for long term full time contracts (Unix C/C++). I think $50 an hour is very reasonable.
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  7. Try samuel tennis from http://www.vista-research.com/HELP.HTML

    He has been supporting easylanguage for years

    He charges $90 every quarter, including easylanguage questions
    but not actual "project" coding
    What is the "Electronic Support Service" (ESS)?
    ESS is a subcription service offered by Vista-Research that provides rapid answers by eMail to most any question you can pose. This does include EasyLanguage questions but does not include actual programming

    How do I subscribe to ESS? Send a check for $90.00 (three months) to Vista-Research
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  8. Does the juxtaposition of good and $20/hr not ring any alarm bells?

    Of course, your motives could be subcontracting here, a form of EL arbitrage if I may...
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  9. And you'll find your indicators sold off to evry Tom, Dick and Harry on the web (if not given away for free). I know peopel who will code for free just to get into your mindset.

    If you want to make it in this business: learn it yourself and do not outsource anything.

    However, if you search hard enough then you'll discover that almost any indicator available is already coded in easylanguage.

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  10. Yep.

    Perhaps the OP likes to put bids in 50% below the market and hopes they get filled too. At least in that case, the contract is standardized and you can be almost guaranteed of delivery.

    Maybe I should start my own thread:

    Wanted: Low cost May Corn contract. Will pay up to $2/bushel.
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