Wanted: Java developer with Execution Algo/Automated trading experience

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  1. Unique opportunity for experienced java developer with hands-on experience of the equities markets to join hedge fund (approx $100M AUM).

    Fund is a quantitative fund based on the West Coast (relocation costs will be paid) that is very long on Phds and quants but short on the hands-on knowledge of automated execution or in other words, we have good alpha ideas but are not executing them well enough due to a lack of knowledge/experience of intraday stock trading.

    The challenge is to find a person who has real java coding (multithreading and asychronous) combined with hands-on market knowledge. I have permission to post here, as I believe there are people on this board who have the skill set and need a break to move into a real institutional environment.

    You should have:

    3+ years of professional java development with a focus on core java (eg. not front end GUI stuff).

    Trading knowledge gained either as a prop trader or automated intraday trading.

    Degree in a relevant field to software development.

    Pay is competitive.

    If you are interested, please PM me with cover letter and resume.

    If you are wondering why the need to post here ? Simple, we have been interviewing lots of people and it is surprisingly heard to find this skill set as we need "down and dirty" knowledge of the markets which only comes from intraday trading experience.

    If you have Qs, please post and I will respond.

    For those who search my username, you will see a previous post for a C# position...that was for a personal project that my firm knew about and was happy for me to work on personally.
  2. Chris, I'd like to talk to you but I haven't posted enough messages to PM you. If you would, please PM me here or via LinkedIn, http://linkedin.com/in/briantopping.

    Cheers, Brian
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    By the way, how did that C# mentorship go? Did you find someone and did that person complete the project? Thanks.