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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tfuad, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. tfuad



    I'm looking for someone to help me program my indicator settings and trade set up conditions into ELD and EFS code for eSignal and TS.

    Basically, I've created a prop. trade set up which is based on a confluence between various indictors with my own settings. I'm looking to combine these into 1 or 2 indicators as well as a buy/sell study for the chart.

    I'm able to give the various inputs and confluence trigger factors but require help creating the code and paint bar studies etc.

    If anyone is interested or knows someone who's really good at this stuff, please let me know by e-mail on tfuad@setiajaya.com.my or reply to this thread.


  2. tfuad,

    Assuming that it's not a major project, I'll create the 2 indicators for you for Tradestation. I won't commit to the trade strategy so don't provide your trading secrets. :)

    PM me a clear, brief description of your indicators or post it here if you don't care about sharing the indicators.