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  1. Hi all. I'd appreciate referrals on custom-built computers I can configure online. I am not referring to Dell, Gateway, Micron, Compaq, HP, IBM, etc. I am also aware of the traderstation link at daytradingstocks.com, but I think many of those are overkill, not to mention incredibly expensive. As much as I have been hearing about Dell, I want to make sure the system is expandable enough as I intend to have multiple hard drives, etc. And as far as I know, with Dell and the other major dealers one cannot choose the motherboard...My price ceiling is $2,000 (without monitor).

    If you know of a good dealer or links, please let me know.

    Thanks and good trading to all. :)
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    I had a system built by Envision Computer Systems. Their web page is:


    You will be able to select all components: motherboard, video card, hard drives, cd drives, case, etc. They will assemble and test your system.

    I had used Dell in the past and was always very satisified but I wanted specific components not offered by Dell. I have owned my system for about 7 months now and have been very pleased.
  3. Build your own. I've built two of them and I'm no expert. I bought a book, "How to build a computer" and followed the directions. Learned a lot. It was really pretty simple.
  4. i build my own now, it's easy & cheaper (just built a fast one for $575) but i have bought from here and was satisfied:

  5. Easyrider,

    Who is the author of the book that you recommended? There is only one listed in stock at www.bn.com.


    Which book did you purchase to learn, or did you take an electronics class for a semester?

  6. you really don't need any special training, it's this easy:






    i would recommend this for purchasing the parts:


    they supply inexpensive high quality components, and they quickly process & ship your order. after researching prices, i ended up buying everything from newegg.com.

    go here to compare prices:

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    I would agree on building your own, beside the fact that it is generally cheaper, I have gained a great deal of knowledge through doing so. And as you have built it all yourself, I find it easier to diagnose problems if they occur becuase I know exactly what I did to build it (and also shopping for, and asking question about specific componets when buying). I also found www.tomshardware.com very useful, with the forum there I can get answers to most any question. Now, I do also find building computers incredibly fun, so maybe for some it would not be worth it to do so (as it can be a pain sometimes too). I did actually have someone there to help build my first computer, but I don't think it's anything a decent book or web tut couldn't show you.

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