Wanted Book: "The Greatest Bull Market in History" by Martin Armstrong

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    I can appreciate your interest in and knowlege of this topic but I thought u and others might like to know I believe yardbird is the legendary troll @marketsurfer.
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  2. I watched the movie over the weekend.
    Really good. It sounds like he pissed off the wrong people.
    His website, Armstrong Economics; is very interesting.
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    Martin Armstrong The Forecaster trailer
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  6. Where did you get that Pi was based on Martin Armstong? I loved Pi, but would be very surprised to find out this was true. Far as I know, it was a work of fiction.

    As an aside, that out of sample point I posted a while back looks like it already failed.
    And that's just one OOS point already failing.
    "2015.75" "T"
    "2020.05" "B"
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