Wanted Bob McGovern’s spread stuff

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by -ooO-(GoldTrade, May 26, 2009.

  1. Got any courses or books by Master spread trader Bob McGovern?
  2. 4XQs


    I used to subscribe to his daily newsletter for about a year, and I have no problem recommending it since it's so cheap (about fifty dollars/month). I did not buy any of the stuff, but I still go onto his website about 4-5 times a year and check out the sample pdf he updates every once in a while. He's also got some nice comments on the markets in general, which I appreciated.

    I didn't buy the books/courses from him, as I didn't really need that.

    Especially in meats I got something out of it, and also grains which he knows very well. I did however notice that he had some wild profit projections from time to time, which did not match at all with the historical profits achievable in some spreads.

    Anyway, I would recommend getting his newsletter - that's my bottom line. And best of luck to you Gold Trader, I've seen you around many years :)
  3. Thanks, 4XQs, IÕd still like to see his stuff.
    JerryÕs letter is about that for 13 weeks.