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  1. Hello and welcome to my thread where I'll be showcasing my global currency hedging strategy, that I like to call "Eagles Apprentice". Here we'll be throwing around massive size, spread across all available currency pairs. We're talking watching 70 pairs, breaking up available account balances and spreading that evenly across the pairs that have met the parameters to open trades. This strategy is to be traded with zero leverage.
    ..So to get the ball rolling, let's open/ set some trade tickets.

    Aud/chf buy 0.74652
    Aud/hkd buy 6.14950
    Aud/nzd buy 1.07710
    Chf/hkd sell 8.23750
    Eur/chf buy 1.17070
    Eur/czk buy 25.46460
    Eur/huf buy 311.720
    Eur/jpy buy 131.440
    Eur/nok buy 9.57090
    Eur/pln buy 4.19360
    Eur/sgd buy 1.62040
    Eur/try buy 4.69210
    Gbp/aud buy 1.76510
    Gbp/chf buy 1.31750
    Gbp/hkd buy 10.85380
    Gbp/usd buy 1.38500
    Nzd/chf buy 0.69310
    Nzd/hkd buy 5.70930
    Sgd/chf buy 0.7225
    Sgd/hkd buy 5.95150
    Usd/chf buy 0.95130
    Usd/dkk sell 6.05380
    Usd/huf sell 253.290
    Usd/pln sell 3.40770
    Usd/sgd sell 1.31680
    Usd/thb sell 31.330
    Usd/try buy 3.81190
  2. Don’t really understand what your objectives for this are.

    Apparently you have an Oanda account. Interactive Brokers, for example, has much better pricing but does have a $10,000 account minimum.

    It is in your best interest to test new ideas, especially complicated ones, on a simulator before attempting to trade it live.

    Are you sure you don’t want to watch money flows to and from risk-based assets and trade AUD/JPY or CAD/JPY accordingly? Odds are one of these pairs will be able to absorb your massive size. When an open trade no longer appears to be working, you can “hedge” by closing out the position.
  3. I am looking at 0.4 spread in Eur/usd with a premium account. Do you honestly think absorbing the entire balance into Aud/jpy and or Cad/jpy is a better idea? That seems like an incredibly naive decision, based on minimal experience.
    Maybe you could show us an example of how this can be done, being how markets just opened for the week, would be an excellent time to start.
  4. .4? Not bad for Oanda. How about .1! You may want to take a look at Interactivebrokers.com.

    While you’re at it, Babypips.com has extensive, well organized, and free information on trading currencies. They call it the School of Pipsology and it located under the “Education” tab.
  5. What is "massive size" here?
  6. Why would we go to babypips? I thought you were going to show us how it was done live on this thread. Now you're going to back out and direct us to another website? Wow, didn't see that coming :D
  7. Hello mcnoob, for some people that is $1,000 for others that is $10,000,000. For me, it's whatever keeps me from having a good nights sleep.
  8. Handle123


    So is "us" a CTA and you advertising for more clients?
  9. Hello Handle, "us" refers to anyone reading this thread. So far, this includes you, mcnoob and maximum suffering.
  10. FYI, 21 orders have been filled. Sitting on 21 positions.
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