Wanted ACME Book & CD suite/ Becoming Fluent in EL Book

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  1. Bob111


    i never trade by mr conway book(so i did not lost a dime on it)
    all systems in his book return positive,but umimpressive results. there is no single system with average PL > 2%. from my own expirience everything below 3% is useless. after comm and slippage you will be lucky to get flat. i have literally hundreds of such systems. that why i so ironic about his book. because i have enough for 10 books like this one.

    --------------But when I limited the tests to high volatility stocks the results were very favorable.------------i happy to hear that, but HOW MANY TRADES PER YEAR did you get after such filtering?
    and will you be able to trade all stocks(based on your size to av. volume,ability to short and so on)?
    and last question-did you make ANY money by following exactly any of his systems signals?

    Thank you!
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  2. You are right, and i should highly respect the arthour of this
    book because i was planing to us it, but my situation is little
    different than other traders who lives in US:

    -where i live there is no copyright law, so i wasn't bothered
    about copyright laws. I have been rip-offed thousands of $
    from trading materials, seminars, courses before. Therefore
    to pay later if i am satisfied.

    -In USA, you can walk to local libraray or bookstore, and eveluate
    the contents of trading book, before you buy it, but i am unable
    to do that. I have lot of garbage books lying on my desk.

    -If i benifit from any trading material, i will difinitly make my
    contrubition financialy, or recommanding it to other traders,
    or supporting their prodcuts, giving them a pluse in book review
    section of this forum, for example i am using set of tools that i
    can get the free version from the internet, but i am paying the
    owner $120 monthly subscribtion because i'm benifiting from it
    earlier, and they deserve it.

    Meanwhile nor "Bob111" neither anyone else said they are
    going to give me scaned PDF version of his book, for Mr. Mark
    Conway to accuse them. He said "my lawyers will be contacting

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