Wanted ACME Book & CD suite/ Becoming Fluent in EL Book

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nana Trader, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. I tought i was refering to TS vs WL selection?
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  2. Bob111


    i did not see a poster,so i think it was you,refering to book format)))never mind,just forget about it..
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  3. Bob111


    Mark Conway

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    Do you have a PDF version of the Professional Stock Trading book?
    You are violating U.S. copyright law by distributing a scanned version of our book. Our lawyers will be contacting you.

    ---------------good PM Mark!--------------------------------------

    what do i talk about here, in this tread? did i mentioned name of the book? did i offer to sell it for money? what book you are talking about?
    maybe i'm talking about my own book, that i just wrote yesterday and want to share it with fellow trader for correction purposes since english is not really my native language)))))))
    dont make me laugh one more time... do you have any idea what are we talking about here? where is the freedom of speech? or mark conway is censor here and will suggest us what and how we should talk?
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  4. Bob111


    looks like either bul**t book sales did not go well or trading by own book did not make you busy and rich enough? :D :D :D
    that why mark conway spending his time hanging around ET forum and read members post and trying to scare them)))wow..you are really busy boy mark..
    hold your horses(or lawyers?) till i figure out who you really are and why you using someone else identity...

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  5. Do you mean that we get sued if we buy your ACME book
    from another traders?

    May be it's time to tell everyone on ET forum to put you
    in their ignore list, because of making baseless accusation?
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  6. May be he is angered because you disapproved his book?
    I am going to have it anyway.

    Mark, how things are going? Are you making money, Dude?:D :D
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  7. telozo


    I got the book some time ago and I used it mostly to get EL programming ideas. It is rather difficult to backtest the strategies described in the book since Tradestation doesn't let you use a portfolio of stocks.

    I downloaded the EL code from tradestationworld.com
    You can register for free.
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  8. I would like to put correction to it
    if as a registered Tradestation product user :)

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  9. telozo


    That is true, sorry for the confusion.
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  10. Nana you started a thread that publicly announces you are looking for people to help you break the law! And you get annoyed when the owner of the property from whom you are trying to steal asks you to cease and desist? Get real.

    Personally I quite enjoyed Mr. Conway's book. I got a lot out of it and learned a lot about coding by typing out the many, many pages of free code. I'd be happy if he wrote another book, but from his pespective - why bother? If he goes to all the trouble of writing another book then dicks like you will just download the PDF version.

    Regarding criticisms that the systems don't work - you are only partly right. It sounds like you lost money and are bitter... I think you have to pick and choose your target stocks carefully. I suggest screening by volatility. For example, across a wide range of stocks the acme R strategy returned positive, but unimpressive results. But when I limited the tests to high volatility stocks the results were very favorable.

    As a final note, when I had troubles or questions about the code in the book I wrote to Mr. Conway and he took the time from his schedule to answer my questions and help me along.

    Grow up Nana
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