Wanted ACME Book & CD suite/ Becoming Fluent in EL Book

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nana Trader, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Anyone?
  2. Bob111


    which book do you exactly need? first link does't work, on second-bunch of them. give me a link from amazon.
    my guess -you talking about this one-


    i did back test this s**t-it crap. at least-it not working for me.
    if you have access to TS forum-all systems from this book is coded and code is there, so you dont have to typed.
    if you still want it-pm me, i will take a look, what i have.
    what is the funny part on this book is that they give you a code,they show the trade in their examples(like couple trades for each system) and trades did shows up, but this is it. you test on another 100 stocks-there is no more trades!)))))))
    i can create probably thousands of systems like this one. just pick any big move and build system around it.
  3. Thanks for in-depth reply. Yes, the book in Amazon link is
    that i am refering to. ( btw the first link is working, try again :)

    No, I don't have access to TSsupport.com forum as i am not
    registered user. But somtimes i get help from other Yahoo
    EL forum users trough yahoo messanger.

    Does this book worth anything without the CD suite? Do you
    have it? because the book doesn't realy cost much to buy.
    If you don't need the book, i will exchange it with books that
    i have.

    well, send me all you have on EL learning, (not free download-
    able PDF manuals from TS).

    well, i am new to TS and EL and anything might help me little,
    but might not for you :)

    I will send you PM, mentioning what i have in my list.

    Thanks a lot for your response
  4. Bob111


    i would stick with WL-it better,more flexible and allow you to backtest ideas on portfolio of stocks.
    i got something for you, send me email and i will send this stuff right back to you.
    you will need this-


    to be able read this book.
  5. I don't think that's a good idea.
  6. Bob111


    well..it's how book been formated..why you are scared?))))it just open source app. just like linux. not everyone have few extra bucks to buy adobe with creating ebook ability..anyway-whatever..if you still need the book-let me know..
  7. well, everyone have differnet idea based on that they
    need to do and it's well respected.

    I have been hesitating for long time selecting between
    WL and TS, and finaly decided to go for TS, and no more
    time wasting. My reason were:

    - Long-term Thinking, better to go with larger one.
    - TS has much more 3rd party support.
    - As non-programer and considering EL easier than WL,
    still it's pain in the ass for me to pick it up fast enough :)
    -Charting is much better, cleaner, advanced than WL.

    Yes, no portfolio testing and Bid/ask data for testing,
    but this isn' much issue to me as i have moved to futures
    and TS has these to be solved in their future plan, and if
    this happens it will be very big blow to WL (i mean not
    much more reasons left to go WL then).
  8. Bob111


    if you are trade futures-then-you dont need this book,because systems in there mostly for stocks. of cource you can pick few ideas or coding style or idea itself -how to create your own system in TS.
    speaking about TS-it is easier(mean-less flexible). many things you just can't do in TS.
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