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  1. I'm forming a small group of fx traders who have experience with or want to explore Bill Williams' methods of getting in tune with the universe/market.

    Anyone interested, contact me at . . .

    7tradewynds (at) telus.net
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    Any link to what it is all about
  3. Do yourself a favor and forget about this "universe/market" relation BS.

    You're supposed to be a trader, not an astrologer.

    Leave the soothsaying and fortunetelling to the morally corrupt.

    Although B. Williams does have experience in trading, he mostly echoes what others have told in a different format ... i.e.; same book with a different cover.

    But when he and others rave about this astrological market/trading nonsense, the end result is his pockets lined with your money and your margin account to be "un-remembered achieve dust".
  4. I've read all three of Williams' books. Never read anything about astrology. Underlying structure as he explores it in his books is in relation to trading and has to do with fractal geometry and non linear mathematics.

    That said, Williams would be the first to tell you that psychology is as, or more important, than indicators.

    I have no idea whether he was the first on the block but he said that he developed the Chaos indicators over a period of many years with two math PhDs and a super computer.

    I trade what I have learned from him successfully. Just want to explore entries, exits and surfing each of the elliott waves more deeply with anyone who is interested.

    Thanks for your input.

    Enjoy . . .
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    This sounds a bit crazy I goto read this guy's books.
  6. ka-boom baby!
  7. Nixad,

    There's a free course at . . .


    that is based on Williams' system.
  8. Ok ... thanks for validating your post.

    I know B. Williams is into this new age mystic garbage. And I've seen a lot of people buy into this, and in three to six months, there's nothing left in their margin account.

    I have two of Williams's books ... "Market Chaos" I and II

    They're ok as far as price is concerned.

    His latest teachings in the psychological element is the "frame of your mind". And he suggests is this :

    When you get up in the morning, the first thing to do is to spend 45 minutes alone in peace and quiet and write down everything that comes to your mind ... everything. He claims this technique voids any thought that might disrupt your train of thought whilst trading.

    In case you don't know what a fractal is, it's simply a 5 bar pattern with the middle bar (the third) being the highest or lowest. There's more lengthy examples on the net if you do a search.

    Elliott waves are a bit subjective in general. On occasion, you might see a pattern you can trade, the whole trick here is not to "force" a pattern.

    Never trade the following :

    Your thoughts

    Your beliefs

    Anyone elses opinions

    Your own opinions

    Trade what in front of you ... what the market is doing now, and how well is it doing it.

    Didn't mean to beguile your inquiry, I know BW is a big time new ager, which I have no respect for.
  9. "Fractal" was coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975, referring to objects built using recursion, where some aspect of the limiting object is infinite and another is finite, and where at any iteration, some piece of the object is a scaled down version of the previous iteration.

    Is this what you refer to "new age?"

    Thanks for your thoughts on trading.
  10. Dude, you're going historic on me.

    I was referring to the fractal meaning in trading bar charts.

    George Lane was the so-called inventor of "stochastics", when it was a German scientist back in the 1800's who related "stochastics" to some kind of theory in Biology.

    George used the definition in trading, (divergences).

    You should be familiar with the new age cult ... in which one who believes they think that they are "God". And that "God" is everything. That one develops into a "higher" being.

    Which of coarse is total rubbish.

    All the best to you and your endeavors ~

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