want: trading roommate in HK

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    i am a fulltime trader in HK, currently, i am trading in my brother's office. I would like to work with other traders in the same office. If anyone is interested to have me to share some of your office expenses and talk to, pls PM me. thanks.

  2. cwl18


    noone interested?
  3. I am interested but am wondering could your office handle all my security needs

    I require room for few TESLA generators, for background noise, I require Large Faraday Cage

    you'll need it too for your computers cause of all the electron excitement I'll be outputting

    and I'll need room for my encryption matrix servers


    you noob :cool:
  4. laputa


    I'm located in HK... we can hook up and do something...
  5. dude I was making fun of you

    do you think a guy who uses custom designed encryption of 60 000 bit

    is going to need to share an office with you

    grow up man........grow the F up
  6. laputa


    I'm not the OP... I was responding to his post

    BTW your joke wasn't funny
  7. I agre with laputa, original's joke not funny and a waste of space too.

    I read that office space in HK is horribly expensive and the air quality's bad. What are you finding on the cost of space and broadband?
  8. laputa


    Office space is horribly expensive in prime location. If you're a hedge fund and would like to make an impression to clients then it is really expensive. Otherwise rent are actually quite reasonable. Air quality is definitely not first rate but it's not unbearable.

    Broadband is definitely first rate. The stability is so high I don't find much difference between my home broadband and a dedicated line.

    The really important thing about Hong Kong is that there is no capital gain tax. The tax code says short term trading is taxable but in fact is never enforced. Everyone in Hong Kong trade short term and there is no tax at all. It is a real big boost to your bottom line.
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    Just put Original on IGNORE, its much easier to read this site!
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    Does that 'no capital gains tax' apply to trades done in US markets? Thanks.
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