Want to work for a hedge fund

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jsnext, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. jsnext


    I am a software engineer, but the only thing makes me excited is financials. Over the years(10+), I have been writing programs myself to download massive amount of market data, perform statistical analysis on various strategies, auto-track public information, build trading simulator, create customized presentation in various formats (from Windows API to HTML5)… I hope I can work for financial industry so that I can spend all my time in a field that I am interested.

    Any suggestion how to approach hedge funds so I can work for them.
  2. I want experience working with at a fund... but I have no credentials!Haha. Being a programmer that is fluent in risk management I'm sure you can find work
  3. Sorry to pour cold water, but those things u've mentioned can be easily done by a non hon computer science degree holder. In fact i could pay a few thousands and get these things done, automated. The reasons u could do it is the same reason why I could outsource someone else to do it.

    Do u have PHd in Maths ?