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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to trade opening morning gaps. I am looking for a site that can screen stocks for me and show which stocka are trading a certain % higher or lower then the previouse days close. I thought that yahoo had a feature like tha but I cant find it. If any one can tell me where to get this info, prefferable for free that would be great. Also for those of you who trade morning gaps, if they trade goes againt you, how long will you hold the position. Thank you.


    If you want it for free then I am not of any help to you, but Trade Station' s programmable Radar Screen does this job nicely.
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    Try Marketwatch.com. Under Investor Tools find Market Screener. They give net and % gain and loss etc.
  4. do a google search for NDX pre-market heatmap...i cant remember the site off the top of my head
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    if you use the Java version, yahoo has a gap screener. don't know about the HTML version. also, prophet.net has configurable gap screens.


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  6. Here are two options:

    for Gap Ups

    for Gap Downs

    This is a small sample you can configure it to do a bunch of other stuff.

    Hope it helps.
  7. So you want the software free and you want someone to tell you how to trade gaps. Why not ask someone who makes money to add your money to his pool and give you a % of daily gains. He could be a nice guy even and advance you the first years pay up front. Ok I had my fun but the software you want you will need to pay for because it will report to a website to late. The best site for what you are asking for is smallcapcenter.com but remember it is not real time. Also the people who trade morning gaps best are first print guys so a pre market bid/ask filter is best.
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    are those available with the free screens or do they require the monthly subscription? either way, TI has some highly customizable screens for not a lot of cash. i think it was $45 when i last checked it out. you could easily recoup that cost in a single trade on the first day of any month.

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    my freebie scanners didnt find the HMY gap down today.
    what scanner should i have been using to have found it today?
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