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Discussion in 'Trading' started by joesan, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. joesan


    Hey, I am an independant futures trader here in shanghai , China. I heard from my buddy today that US treasure secretary Paulson is in desperate search for traders who can work for his 700 billion bailout project without conflict of interest. I am pretty interested in such a job, as I am acquainted with stocks/futures/indexes trading and have been making a living on trading those for 5 years. 85% months are profitable and the equity curve just created a new record high today when Asian markets closed.

    As I understand, what I need to do to act as a bailout trader is just pressing buttons to make some buying, is that correct ? I would be pretty much glad to have such a job. You see, one of my other speciality, shorting, has no provocative edge under the current circumstances/restrictions. Does somebody know if Paulson accept foreign traders ? And how can I apply for that job ?

    I can sign non-disclosure papers and basically I have no connection with any US financial institutions, except interactivebrokers.

    My email: itswh@sohu.com
  2. Mecro


    Do you have any morals? Or are you in a hurry to sell your soul?
  3. I hear Hank Paulson reads EliteTrader for ideas these days, so you shouldn't have any problems there...
  4. joesan


    Would you please elaborate, brother .
  5. Vas62


    Yep, just press the button and make tonns of money.

    Paulson must be really in "desperate search" to hire chineese traders.
    :D :D :D
  6. joesan


    That's why they need one without conflict of interest, isn't it ?

    I may get only salary from Paulson and FBI will make sure I get no money from elsewhere

  7. "Would you please elaborate, brother ."

    That was a joke, brother. You do not want to hook up with these guys - - they are most unscrupulous and your very soul in is danger!!!