Want To talk about automated trading in the future of trading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Newmoney24, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. I'm basically looking for people to network with to share ideas with,
    I'm fascinated with where trading is going - and if you are too lets talk about it

    Post here or PM me if interested, would be cool to get a group going around this

  2. Of course the future is about automated trading systems.

    Whether it is poker, trading or the real estate market - the better the information the more likely an increase in equity.

    The cold hard facts are that a human can only track so many independent variables in real time. A computer can keep track of almost infinite variables and do it in the millisecond time frame.

    I read somewhere that "Success in the markets is not about instinct, divine inspiration or spontaneous intellectual combustion. It is about intelligent data processing, sound method and the management of risk and resource that is both effective and adaptive to change."

    Given the universal availability of data, massively parallel processing, intelligent agents such as genetically optimized neural networks and other smart data mining technologies - how could a man hope to compete with a system, properly programmed by a smart human, that uses all of that?


  3. Humpy


    Have a look at MT4/5 for a platform that has a lot of free stuff and the ability to program youself. These auto programs can run an account in zulu too.