Want to Stay Safe While Traveling? Wear a Rolex

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    Want to Stay Safe While Traveling? Wear a Rolex
    Plus other counterintuitive travel hacks, from sustainability expert and Travel Channel host Philippe Cousteau.

    In dangerous areas, he relies on nice watches
    I was working on a project in Singapore, and an ex-[Special Air Service] soldier told me to always wear a nice watch: Don’t flaunt it, but have it with you. He had a stainless-steel Rolex and wore it everywhere. He told me that no matter where you travel, a good watch—like a Rolex—is like currency and is something you can always use to barter to get yourself out of trouble. You always hear “never have anything nice on expedition,” but that soldier’s advice was smart and practical so I always wear a “tradable” watch that can help get me out of a bind.
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    Wouldn't it make sense to actually have currency on your instead of a substitute? :)
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  3. speedo


    Yeah, even a stainless Datejust is worth 4 figures.
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    Of course you can get very realistic knockoff's in Asia.
  5. FX xtc 2

    FX xtc 2

    I carry a few Gold coins like James Bond.

    Once I bought a fake Omega in China, it worked about 20 minutes.
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    4 figures at a retail store. It might be worth the price of your forearm in other places.
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    You can't get used one for less than a thousand on ebay.
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    Seems kind of dumb for a rolex though. Why not just have actual currency in your pocket. That way you're not attracting people to rob you.
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    In Somalia, you can get one from a stupid tourist for the price of a machete.
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